JULY 2020 - I am thrilled to share that 7 of our pupils have been accepted onto the nationwide 'Ballet Boost Associates' scheme. The girls will take classes once a month on the scheme at Ballet Boosts new associate centre in Newcastle Under Lyme. The nationwide associate scheme is highly regarded and the girls have done extremely well to secure places. Due to lockdown the associate audition was via video, and because we had no access to the hall we all had to film individual videos in the car park!! A surreal experience but one that paid off! Well done girls. 

AUGUST 2019 - I have just returned from the IDTA Teachers Congress where I learnt the associations brand new 'Contemporary Modern Dance' syllabus work. The work is absolutely outstanding. It will be quite challenging for the children compared to the old modern syllabus, but it will really have a very positive impact on the children's technique. It is very 'up to date' and I'm very excited to start teaching it.

JULY 2019 - Once again congratulations go out to Lily Miles. Lily has received an invitation to take part in the IDTA Theatre Dance Awards which will be held in Manchester in February 2020. Lily was nominated for participation in the Awards by Miss Kellett, our examiner from our latest exam session after passing her Grade 4 ballet exam with 93%. Lily has also successfully maintained her Royal Ballet Mid Associate place and will begin her 6th year of training with the Royal Ballet Associate scheme in September. This is truly a MASSIVE achievement. Lily has also retained her place on the Cecchetti Scholars North scheme for another year of training. Very well done Lily.

JUNE 2019 - Yet again amazing exam results. 90% of the marks were in the 'Distinction' bracket (some marks were above 90) and the other 10% were very high 'Merits'.

MAY 2019 - Congratulations go out to Sophie Buckley. Sophie is the 2019/2020 recipient of our Skye Higgins Memorial Trophy given for her 'joy of dance'. Sophie is currently one of our Grade 1 dancers. Very well done Sophie.

JULY 2018 - Please note our exam session is booked for 18th & 19th May 2019.

JUNE 2018 - Congratulations go to Zara Gadsby. Zara is the 2018/2019 recipient of our 'Skye Higgins Memorial Trophy' given for her 'joy of dance'. Zara is one of our Grade 2 students. Very well done Zara.

MAY 2018 - Congratulations go to Lily Miles who has successfully retained her Mid Associate place with the Royal Ballet School.Lily will be entering her fifth year of training with the Royal Ballet. Lily has also successfully auditioned for the senior division of 'Cecchetti Scholars North'. Well done Lily.

JULY 2017 - Congratulations go to Emilia Lundie. Emilia is the 2017/18 recipient of our 'Skye Higgins Memorial Trophy'. This trophy is given to a student who exhibits 'the joy of dance' and is given in memory of Skye Higgins. Skye was one of our beautiful dancers who lost her battle with leukaemia at just 5 years of age. Very well done Emilia.

FEBRUARY 2017 - Congratulations go to Lily Miles who has received a 'special invitation' to attend the final selection audition for a full time Year 7 place at the Royal Ballet School. Lily has been a Royal Ballet School Junior Associate for the last three years.Having declined the opportunity to attend the preliminary selection audition for a full time Year 7 place, Lily was issued the 'special invitation' from the artistic director of the Royal Ballet after being spotted in the associate programme. Next month Lily will spend two days at the Royal Ballet School @ White Lodge undergoing various tests and classes. Well done Lily and we hope you enjoy your two very special days at White Lodge. 

EXAM DATE 2017 - Please make a note that our next exam session has been booked for 9th December 2017.

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Our new Facebook group is 'Rachel Carpenter School Of Dance'. This Facebook group will be where I post important updates, particularly in the run up to the show or exam sessions.

JUNE 2016 - Once again we have FANTASTIC exam results. ALL of the marks were between 80 & 89. Thank you to all of my lovely pupils for working so hard :)


Dress Rehearsal (compulsory) - Saturday 12th November 2016 - 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Performance 1 - Friday 18th November 2016 - 7:15 pm

Performance 2 - Saturday 19th November 2016 - 1:30 pm